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Apr 10, 2023

Smart Homes are now part of people’s everyday lives, home automation is basically essential in new developments. In this ever-evolving market, it’s important to keep your systems up to date with the latest technology.

Do you own a smart home in Marbella? Are you looking to update your current control systems? Is it your first time installing home automation for your property? Find out how we can help…

How to update your home automation

Is it possible to upgrade your existing home automation system? What about installing home automation for the first time in an older home?

Yes, depending on the system you are using and the architecture of the property, there will be different options. Here are the steps you need to take:

The team will guide you to decide what the best approach or solution would be in your case including a valuation of your property.

  • Once the budget is approved and the project is customized to you, the new system will be installed to maximize comfort in your home.

We have good news…

You probably agree that design and quality are just as important as a product’s technology. Therefore, we have partnered with Ekinex – one of the best home automation brands.

They manufacture the most exquisite designs that blend seamlessly with your interior design, allowing us to provide you with a wide selection of products for your project.

Ekinex finds the perfect balance between serving a global market and sticking to its roots. Their essence: “Made in Italy”. As they say it best: “Ekinex has created a line of objects that enclose the essence of the Made in Italy: design, attention to detail, technological innovation, and advancement”.

Download their brochure for more information about the company.

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